[amsat-bb] Re: The Moon is our Future

Armando Mercado am25544 at triton.net
Thu Jul 2 15:20:17 PDT 2009

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your comments.

If the "international project" approach were
a successful model we would have a constellation
of amateur satellites in HEO/GEO flying now.
But, different space groups have different

I am not opposed to a lunar repeater, but
I think we can get a bigger bang for the buck
by pursuing other opitions.

To me this sounds like a one time stunt that
will take most of our already limited resources.

73's Armando N8IGJ

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  A moon repeater/datacom/SSTV/cw whatever else we can do, could be coordinated with *all* the various amateur groups, not just AMSAT-NA. This could make this an international project, similar to ESMO and ASMO projects under way now. It would be financially feasible if, for instance, we landed first (probably not going to happen) and, if I remember correctly, collect the cash prize for the first  non-commercial moon landing. I think that's still out there, isn't it?


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