[amsat-bb] Re: Has anyone considered???

David Moisan dmoisan at davidmoisan.org
Thu Jul 2 13:20:10 PDT 2009

Has anyone considered the notion that the communications from a HEO or Moon 
or Mars need not be analog? Has anyone considered a digital mode such as 
WSJT for comms? I know for a fact people are running meteor scatter and EME 
using a single beam (albeit a long one) and 150 watts. This is not out of 

Personally, I have no use for ssb or cw, but I would definitely like to try EME with WSJT or similar modes.  I would also prefer the higher frequencies.  I can't aim a 2m beam out of my apartment window but higher bands would not be a problem.  Indeed, that's probably the only way one could go in an urban environment.  I can't see that my investment and effort would be any less for a "simpler" mode.

(I'd go on about how 70cm is really prevalent and that, despite what some old-timers think, most hams aren't saving their pennies for the Benton Harbor lunchbox anymore.)

73, Dave, N1KGH

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