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Dear Jack:
Thank you for your great comments.

Let’s find the problems and find the solutions.
We solved the difficulties for working AO-10 and AO-13. 
The Moon is the Next Generation.

Lets work together to find an affordable solution.
Which band will work the best (assuming limited antenna and power recourses from an Un-manned Moon lander.)
The Moon will not be an “Easy-Sat”, it will be a challenge.  
However, it should be much easier to access than true EME.

Thanks all Miles WF1F MarexMG.org

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> I heard the same things when the
> first HEOs went up. It takes to much money, it takes to much
> specialized equipment, it takes to much knowledge, it is for
> elitists only... The bottom line is a LOT of hams used them
> and it took some ingenuity, some new equipment, and yes we
> all had to learn now things to use them. the bottom line is
> they worked and worked well... My suggestion is quit looking
> at pitfalls and problems as reasons not to do something, but
> as opportunities to learn to accomplish new things (or
> improved communications anyway) and move forward... We can
> put up all the leos we want, but until someone makes
> something like B. Bruninga's cell concept work, we are only
> going to have more of the same, We don't need more of the
> same!
> DE - KD1PE


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