[amsat-bb] Has anyone considered???

Jack K. kd1pe.1 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 05:40:25 PDT 2009

Has anyone considered the notion that the communications from a HEO or Moon 
or Mars need not be analog? Has anyone considered a digital mode such as 
WSJT for comms? I know for a fact people are running meteor scatter and EME 
using a single beam (albeit a long one) and 150 watts. This is not out of 
the reach of most hams and it is not non-viable communications mode... Heck 
the US Navy even ran RTTY in the 60's from Hawaii to Maryland as a normal 
mode of communications (yes it was big and wieldy, I just mentioned it as an 

DE - KD1PE - Jack

>> Why go with the minimal antenna gain?
>> ... any antenna with a 3 db point that exceeds
>> 6.5 degrees is just wasting transmitter power.
> I think that would be about a 24 dB gain antenna.  Pretty big
> and would take some careful alignment...  Kinda like a realy big
> EME array
>> Just remember what an Oscar 10 station took
>> to have reliable communications, At Apogee
>> it was only 35,000 miles away, the Moon is ...]
>> [250,000 miles]
> Which is 7 times farther, squared or 50 times more power (about
> 17 dB).

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