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I heard the same things when the first HEOs went up. It takes to much money, 
it takes to much specialized equipment, it takes to much knowledge, it is 
for elitists only... The bottom line is a LOT of hams used them and it took 
some ingenuity, some new equipment, and yes we all had to learn now things 
to use them. the bottom line is they worked and worked well... My suggestion 
is quit looking at pitfalls and problems as reasons not to do something, but 
as opportunities to learn to accomplish new things (or improved 
communications anyway) and move forward... We can put up all the leos we 
want, but until someone makes something like B. Bruninga's cell concept 
work, we are only going to have more of the same, We don't need more of the 


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> Don't want to get a whole new thing started here but - I don't think we 
> ever went to the moon in 1969 and I don't think we will ever goto the 
> moon - in 2012 or whenever they proposed a "return" to the moon
> I would love to see an amatuer repeater on the moon thou - from my 
> understanding EME is expensive to do, so I think it would leave most of us 
> out
> Where as and bringing things back around - LEOs are realitive low cost to 
> use to the normal everyday day
> I will put my two cents in for more LEOs - :-)
> Hey are there any geosynchinze amatuer sats up?

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