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>From WF1F:
Yes, that is one of the many challenges we have to plan for.  14 days of pure sunlight (Lunar-Day) and 14 days of freezing darkness (Lunar-Night).

We also have some unknown questions about our power source.  
Will we be able to run during the 14 days of darkness or will we be operating during the Lunar days only?
What I mean by Simple, is the design of the transponder needs to be Simple (KISS).  Strictly analog circuits for the transponder, NO DSP, NO CPU’s,  No SDR to run the transponder.  
We need the reliability of the AO-10 transponder and not the complexity of AO-40.

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> There is nothing simple about a
> project that can withstand the extreme temperature changes
> and eclipse periods that exst on the moon. It's probably the
> most hostile environment we're likely to build for.
> MM wrote:
> > A plan for a simple transponder (KISS  no complex
> P3E).


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