[amsat-bb] Rebuttal - Re: Unused sats

Jack K. kd1pe.1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 13:46:54 PDT 2009

I have to disagree in the strongest of terms about disregarding HEOs "for 
now" which in essence will mean to become forever. Until, or unless, we 
could come up with something along the lines of a "Cell" system of leos, we 
are missing one of the major advantages of Satellites and that is almost 
guaranteed communications for long periods (several hours) at a time... I am 
in no way denigrating LEOs as they have their place, but in the major schema 
of things HEOS will and always have rule given the state of communications 

I understand the desire to "do something" but I suggest that the major 
thrust should be directed at getting a transponder on the moon (or Mars) or 
some more KISS type HEOs up... Cubesats can take care of themselves if we 
do, Heck I would even join in and participate in something like I just 
mentioned, I just can not get excited about "Contest style" contacts with a 
5-12 min window most of the time... I do that on 2 meters scatter all I 

DE Jack - KD1PE

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> All good points but forget the HEO's for now - we just need a good
> source of regularly launched easy sats in LEO to augment the few working
> birds we have and replace what we have to as they fall out of the sky or
> just stop working.

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