[amsat-bb] CO-65 digipeater report PA3GUO

Henk, PA3GUO hamoen at iae.nl
Sat Feb 28 13:10:10 PST 2009

Report Feb 28, Cute-1.7+APD-II 82 degrees elevation pass.
Experiment to activate the Cute 9k6 GMSK digipeater: failed.

Nothing heared on the downlink (437.475)
Also Mike, DK3WN listened in, so RX is not the issue :-)

Must be my uplink set-up therefore.
.. no clue still what is wrong.

Kenwood TS2000X, 10W, 35 elements beam (this set-up works for AO51)
Doppler correction via HRD.
Tried both .600 and .603 uplink freq.
TNC: PK96 external TNC, connected to the TS2000 via ACC2, filter
setting 9k6 in the TS2000X.

HBAUD 9600
then typing in converse mode ":ALL     :test"

This way I 'fired' around 100 packets on 23cm, but I didn't hear anything back.

Who has a better station or better operating skills :-) ?

Henk, PA3GUO

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