[amsat-bb] Re: K5D an embarrassment / poor operating procedure.

Luc Leblanc lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca
Tue Feb 24 13:22:48 PST 2009

On 24 Feb 2009 at 12:28, Darin Cowan wrote:

> W9VNE said:
> >> Unfortunately the operation of AO 51 is a large embarrassment. I 
> >>have never in 56 years of operating ever seen demonstrated such 
> >>poor operating procedures.
On the actual amateur satellite fleet AO-51	is the most controversial satellite since the first day he was on the air. Some says it was the 
poorest choice ever made by AMSAT-NA some other says it was a newbie sat but both and many agree it is the "madness sat" making each and 
every user mad at times.

There is the commander in chief who want to drill the troups
There is the humanist who pray to have some humanity
There is teacher who wants more teaching
There is the king of the grids who want this new one at any cost
There is the long rag chewer and his body always there on each and every full pass
There is king of the QRP with his micro micro watt micro HT and his hair pin duckie yelling in the middle of a brass section band
There is the QRP master who is still dreaming awake of an ideal and perfect QRP world
There is the guiness certificate QSO number record chaser looking for his next 10000 plus one QSO just stepping over the QRP boring noise.
There is the former moon bouncer using his setup on the birds
There is the frustrating ones who blow wistle knock on some pass
There is the ultimate problems solvers who never succeed in solving anything.

And all of them on a SINGLE CHANNEL

There is me listening silently remembering that i was so  lucky to operate on a HEO called AO-40
There is all the others who believe that we will al ended up back to HF pretty soon.

>From an optimistic guy.




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