[amsat-bb] Re: The Tragedy of the commons / split frequency working

Sean Cavanaugh seanc at unixgeeks.ca
Tue Feb 24 14:48:15 PST 2009

>> We'll just have to live with that for those satellites that have already been
>> designed, but for future designs a linear transponder seems the obvious
>> choice. A 40 kHz linear transponder would allow for multiple SSB
>> QSO's over areas with a high Amateur population but would still
>> enable the use of FM in the many areas of the world where there are
>> few Amateurs.
> This is a good idea, as demonstrated by VO-52 where hams in South
> Asia are encouraged to try it in FM and the rest of us are to use SSB
> or CW.  But don't overlook the interest in FM satellites for the areas with
> high ham populations, also.  Otherwise, there goes a low-cost entry to
> amateur satellites in those areas.  KiwiSAT is interesting, in that it will
> have an FM repeater and a linear transponder.

I think Patrick raises an important point here. The FM sats are a very 
good entry point into satellite operation.

I got into satellites as a result of seeing just how easy it was to make 
contacts on AO-51 with a radio shack HTX-242 and an FT-817 that I 
already owned. Since I have been bitten by the satellite bug, I've gone 
out an bought an FT-847 and pre-amps, and I will hopefully be putting up 
a better antenna array soon to help with linear satellites.

If it hadn't been for AO-51 and its "Easy Sat" reputation, (helped along 
by K7AGE's videos on YouTube), I probably would have never gotten 
started and kept on thinking satellite operation was "too hard".


Sean - VA5LF

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