[amsat-bb] Re: The Tragedy of the commons / split frequency working

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Tue Feb 24 12:37:53 PST 2009

Hi Drew!

>> Actually we can do split on AO-51.    If anyone felt a  DX-depition was
>> worth
>> the effort and resources, we just tell the DX to use one  uplink channel
>> and
>> the people replying to use the other. It would maximise QSO  rate and even
>> a
>> handheld with low audio would be Q5 without any interfering  signals.
> We considered doing this, but unless they used two receivers, how would
> anyone know when to shut up and when to call? Even though there is a capture
> effect, when 20 signals come up at once, usually no one wins. Now if we'd
> used the SSB receiver on the user uplink?

Or just a second FM receiver with an unpublished uplink frequency for the
DXpedition - just like how it is done with the ISS school contacts we hear on
145.800 MHz?  This is not a perfect alternative, but might give them a fighting
chance to be heard and still keep it FM on the uplink and downlink.

> This whole DXpedition was on a space and operator available basis. We looked
> at sending a 817 for the transponder sats, but the space and operators
> unfamiliar with current satellites kept us to the HT and Arrow. I think it's
> still a positive that so many made QSOs considering the alternative.

It's been good to see your posts listing who made it into the K5D satellite
log.  Despite whatever was happening on those passes, QSOs were
being made.  I didn't work any SO-50 passes over the last few days where
K5D was in the footprint with me, and avoided the second AO-51 repeater
so K5D could be the focus of attention on those passes.

> Rest assured I've learned from this, and future efforts will benefit from
> those lessons. Meanwhile, I've identified the jerks among us from some of
> the really out of line negative comments directed at me and the expedition
> members ;-).

Thanks for your efforts to get K5D to be on the satellites - even
though I won't
have K5D in my log this time.  Maybe we will have opportunities to work future
DXpeditions on whatever satellites we have at that time.  More equipment
would be needed, but we have options on that front like we've never had in
the past with the small rigs and portable antennas.



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