[amsat-bb] The Tragedy of the commons / split frequency working

G0MRF@aol.com G0MRF at aol.com
Tue Feb 24 11:44:49 PST 2009

Having been on a few DX-peditions, I can't imagine the sense of failure  that 
would go with running a DX-Net on a satellite, However, I nearly missed the  
following great idea from Bruce.
Actually we can do split on AO-51.    If anyone felt a  DX-depition was worth 
the effort and resources, we just tell the DX to use one  uplink channel and 
the people replying to use the other. It would maximise QSO  rate and even a 
handheld with low audio would be Q5 without any interfering  signals.
73 es gud DX
David   G0MRF / 9H0WW / C56DX / ZC4DX / 3B9C
In a message dated 24/02/2009 15:02:29 GMT Standard Time, kk5do at amsat.org  

Very  interesting Bob..... I had just sent this to a friend of mine to
look at  before sending to the bb. It is basically the same thing.
However, taking  checkins is too time consuming, this is a much easier plan.

When dx  stations are working HF and they are operating split, they can
very easily  move up and down the band to find a station that is in the
clear. Also, no  one has a problem hearing them (except for the
occasional guy that forgets  to hit split). However, when on the
satellite, you do not have the luxury  of split operations on FM. 


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