[amsat-bb] Re: K5D an embarrassment / poor operating procedure.

Doug Faunt N6TQS +1-510-655-8604 faunt at panix.com
Tue Feb 24 11:38:03 PST 2009

The NATO/ITU phonetics aren't perfect.  The "DXer's" phonetics (mostly
place names) are a reasonable alternative, but only the two sets
should be used.  When I'm working 'phone, when I've got it together, I
try to repeat back using the other set.  And I hate Kilowatt, too- I
always hear that as "KW".

73, doug

   Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 13:21:47 -0600
   From: Sean Cavanaugh <seanc at unixgeeks.ca>

   Darin Cowan wrote:
   > W9VNE said:
   >>> Unfortunately the operation of AO 51 is a large embarrassment. I 
   >>> have never in 56 years of operating ever seen demonstrated such 
   >>> poor operating procedures.
   > I'd be happy if people would just use the proper phonetic alphabet.  So many
   > logs have been messed up by "kilowatt" which is KW to me, as opposed to the
   > correct "kilo" and the other bizarre appellations of letters.  And it's not
   > just on satellites that this is a problem.  When I hear something like
   > "Kilowatt Capacitor Eight United Airlines" (made up example, if you are
   > KC8UAL, I'm not picking on you or accusing you) I can pretty much guarantee
   > it won't end up correct in the logs.  That makes it a non-QSO and a waste of
   > time for both ends.
   > Combine proper phonetic use with "listen before transmitting" and 90% or
   > better of the issues we see would go away.

   I am often guilty of not using the correct phonetics, but I do have a 
   reason. 95% of the time, if the other station has marginal reception, 
   they come back as VE5, not VA5. I think it's just the other ops' brain 
   filling in the blanks with what they expect to hear, so I will correct 
   as "Victor America 5" and it usually seems to solve that problem. I do 
   try to stick with the ITU phonetics 99% of the time though.

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