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Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Tue Feb 24 10:22:17 PST 2009

It's important to maintain civility on these mailing lists, because cowards
behind keyboards will say anything -- but part of that is to call someone
out when they're WAY out of line.

Bob's done thousands of volunteer hours of work on things for Amateur Radio
that weren't even dreamed up before he attempted them, Pat.  The Amateur
Radio community simply wouldn't have APRS if it weren't for Bob's unique
entrepreneurial characteristics.

You're WAY out of line with your "military" and "tyranny" comments and
personal attacks on Bob.  That is, unless you're going to dedicate the time,
resources, and intelligence that he has to the Amateur Radio community

Are you prepared to step up and offer useful things at the rate and
enthusiasm to the Amateur community as Bob has?  If not... "Step off."  

The space station comment is almost comical -- the Astronauts have strict
schedules set by their CIVILIAN program managers, and then choose on their
own what to do with the remaining time in their days.  

The fact that APRS and other Amateur technology are even on board --
technology that can be used when the Astronauts are NOT available -- is a
testament to Bob's ingenuity and stamina, along with many other Amateurs who
worked together to make it happen.  

Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to fly gear on a manned spacecraft, to
get it certified, and to build procedures for its safe use?  (Example: The
Amateur station must be switched OFF during EVA activity in order to
alleviate risks with frequency interference.  This makes the Astronauts
BUSIER, and that makes coordination more difficult -- don't you think the
program manager would rather just say "shut the thing down permanently" or
have never flown the Amateur station in the first place?)

Do you have enough interpersonal skill to work with people in those roles
and garner the Amateur community enough resources to put something in orbit
around the planet?  Realistically, you probably don't have to answer that
question -- since I doubt you do.  If you do... "Step up."

Your perception of Bob is wickedly twisted, indicating that you have some
deep and over-reaching mistrust of quite normal hams who just happen to have
military-related jobs.  You may want to get some counseling for that.  Bob
never did anything but good for you, as far as I can see.  Meanwhile to
soothe your strange phobia, think of Bob as a college professor instead, if
that helps you lower your outlandish concern level.

Attacking him in a public forum (while I'm sure he's seen it all before,
well maybe not THIS one... and can defend himself adequately), is an insult
to all volunteer hams who build infrastructure for other hams, everywhere.  

My personal pet-peeve are the IDIOTS who attack volunteers who do good work
for Amateur Radio.  They're few and far between and I get seriously pissed
off at people like you who attack them for no sane reason.  Welcome to my

I'd rather see you learn and get over your personal problems, but if it's a
choice between you or Bob, the community would be better off with Bob.  If
you think my reply is harsh, it is MEANT to be.  Maybe you'll think before
you attack the next volunteer while you whine from your recliner,
accomplishing nothing.

Celebrate Ability,

Nate WY0X

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Greetings from Patrick N2OEQ

Regarding bruninga's post suggesting even more control over the 
satellite.... Bruninga and the military has too much control over the 
space program and amsat satellites.

Look what happened to the space station, years of military devised 
packet position reporting and very little "human" contact.

I recommend you all think for yourselves and remember, this is AMATEUR 

Regarding activity on oscar 51, its great to hear the excitment of new 
operators but very disappointing to hear so many regulars almost every 
day. Give some new people a chance.

Bruninga reminds me of the movie title, "the world is not enough"

Think for yourselves!


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