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WOW !!!!!

It's time I jumped in with my 2 cents worth of opinion (that's all it's


I might not agree with Bob 100% of the time, but I when I'm being honest
with myself I realize that for the most part, Bob's posts to this mailing
list are well thought out. I have never seen Bob get emotional (in the time
I have been on the list), even when others are attacking him.

In all fairness, when I got started in APRS, I made some really bad
screw-ups that would have gotten badly flamed by some, but Bob took the time
to politely inform me of my mistakes.
Bob can be biased at times, but so are most of us (at times). But what he
has contributed to OUR hobby has been enormous, and I think he deserves
credit for his contributions.



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Greetings from Patrick N2OEQ


Regarding bruninga's post suggesting even more control over the 

satellite.... Bruninga and the military has too much control over the 

space program and amsat satellites.


Look what happened to the space station, years of military devised 

packet position reporting and very little "human" contact.


I recommend you all think for yourselves and remember, this is AMATEUR 



Regarding activity on oscar 51, its great to hear the excitment of new 

operators but very disappointing to hear so many regulars almost every 

day. Give some new people a chance.


Bruninga reminds me of the movie title, "the world is not enough"


Think for yourselves!






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