[amsat-bb] the tyranny of the military

Thomas McGrane n2oeq at aceweb.com
Tue Feb 24 06:36:18 PST 2009

Greetings from Patrick N2OEQ

Regarding bruninga's post suggesting even more control over the 
satellite.... Bruninga and the military has too much control over the 
space program and amsat satellites.

Look what happened to the space station, years of military devised 
packet position reporting and very little "human" contact.

I recommend you all think for yourselves and remember, this is AMATEUR 

Regarding activity on oscar 51, its great to hear the excitment of new 
operators but very disappointing to hear so many regulars almost every 
day. Give some new people a chance.

Bruninga reminds me of the movie title, "the world is not enough"

Think for yourselves!


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