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Kent Frazier k5knt.kent at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 17:28:07 PST 2009

Hi Howard,

I don't even try to copy my contacts right now. I started working the Sats
last year. Worked them about a month, suffered a hard drive crash loosing my
log. Just got things back. I use a recorder to record my contacts then play
that back and make my notes. I had a digital recorder but after a year of
not using it I can't find it. I'm using an old cassette tape recorder until
I can buy another one.

As for the members section. I think you are referring to the members section
on the amsat.org web site? I could be wrong, usually am my wife tells me,
but I think it's not fully online yet.

73, Kent

On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 17:40, Howard Kowall <hkowall at shaw.ca> wrote:

> Well thanks to all that have replied
> I have made some Satellite contacts on SO-50 and AO-51
> I just find it seems kind of fast,the operators just speed out there call
> and grid square and I am having trouble copying it
> Even when I tell the to repeat it (which I don't really want to do because
> it takes up Sat time)they still fire it off way to fast(maybe I am not as
> young as I used to be)I just want to get some experience under my belt so I
> can try the  U/L ssb Sats then maybe some of the dig Sats
> I have just joined Amsat and have found allot of info there,so I felt
> joining was a good idea and also to support them .
> Hope to have a qso with some of you,have to wait till it gets warmer out to
> put my antennas up,just finished building and testing my rotor
> controller,and have now got a good hang of SatPc32.I found that a rig only
> half duplex is a bit of a pain,so I am not able to hear myself on the down
> link,I will have to make arrangements with someone on calibrating the
> correct tuning with a half duplex rig on AO-7
> Thanks to all who took an interest  in my email.
> Howard
> Don't have my Amsat # yet sorry
> I guess it come in the mail
> Also how do you get into the members section??

Kent, K5KNT
Sent from: San Angelo Texas United States.

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