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Do not feel in the least intimidated at using any Satellite you are legally 
allowed to operate (had to put that in so you would not Try the Sirius Sats 
he heh) I too have been reading the missive from the so called elitist users 
who apparently never made a mistake, never ever did anything wrong and never 
jumped the gun on a call trying for a rare DX station... Trust me they have, 
I have, everyone has. the point is to learn from mistakes, Grow over time, 
and don't let the little stuff bother you overmuch. While I am not a Leo 
user and probably never will be, I doubt it the jamming (intentional or 
otherwise) is any worse on the Sats than it is on 20 meters trying for K5D. 
Bandwidth is not an issue regarding interference as K5D is only listening on 
one frequency on 20 meters...Trust me it took me a week on 20 meter with my 
vertical antenna and 100 watts to get in...

So while I hear the laments and the gnashing of teeth, the sat users are 
suffering as everyone else is over K5D and while I do commiserate with them, 
Think of what it would be like if everyone who could - tried the sats, they 
would be unusable... But lest we not wander to far, My humble advice is 
learn from your mistakes, and go forward with life and do not be intimidated 
by the elitist who have been licensed since Noah floated his ark, or is the 
most active op on the sats... Trust me they also have made their mistakes 
and need to forgive you yours.


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Thank you very much for the reply
Once again sorry for any inconvenience I have caused
I am fairly new to Satellite operation

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