[amsat-bb] Re: What a shame!

Ben Jackson bbj at innismir.net
Sat Feb 21 16:05:12 PST 2009

Curt Nixon wrote:
> I was on for the 1830EST pass yesterday evening---and yes it was a real 
> eye opener.  I don't think they (K5D) were on..if they were, it would 
> have been difficult to tell.   If one were to write a paper on how NOT 
> to do it, they only needed to document what was happening on that 
> pass--and from stations that I KNOW can here--and should know better.  
> Constant calls to the other station, long long sing-song phonetic calls 
> nearly contantly--calling even after the footprint was off of 
> Desecheo....it was NEARLY as ridiculous as some of the HF operations 
> I've heard in the last several days.  Guys:  Just because your license 
> says AMATEUR on it, be PROFESSIONAL in your operating...if you don't 
> hear the other station invite a call, DON'T push the little button!

Perhaps this is a good time to shamelessly plug my "Courteous Ham's
Guide to AO-51" again?


I'm scratching down notes for 2.0 right now due to some of the recent
issues with K5D. Anyone want to mail me off list with suggestions,
please feel free to do so.

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