[amsat-bb] Re: Where is Desecho Is. ?

Ben Jackson bbj at innismir.net
Wed Feb 18 08:16:23 PST 2009

On 2/18/2009, "WB2LLP" <wb2llp at optonline.net> wrote:

>I have no problem with reserving operating on AO-51  QRP allocations only for contacts with the K5D Desecheo Island Operation, but I wonder if I am the only reader who does not know where Desecho Island is located.  According to the DXpedition web site it is west of Puerto Rico at 18 degrees, 34 minutes, 14 seconds North and 67 degrees 28 minutes, 19 seconds West. Sorry, I do not have my Grid Square calculator nearby.

Shorten Link to Google Maps:


>Is the expedition on the island?  Is someone going to tell us when they are active?   How important are satellite contacts to the team?  Since the island has been off limits for quite a while, I assume that the HF community will keep them busy.

I think they've expressed interest in Satellites, but Drew can speak
more to that. I think as with any Satellite DXPedition it's more "wait
and listen" regarding when they will be active.

>There seems to be some information lacking.

I personally disagree IMNSHO, but that is without consequence. :)

~Ben, N1WBV

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