[amsat-bb] Re: Disappointed

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Tue Feb 17 17:42:05 PST 2009

> OK, I admit I was one of them - (managed a QSO with 6Y5RA in Jamaica as 
> well!)
> But I did think that the QRP repeater was OK to use if K5D were _not on_, 
> and we are told that they are not going to be on until next week!

They are not -expected- until later in the dxpedition, but could appear at 
any time. All it takes is one guy getting bored with HF. The webpage and 
announcements are pretty clear:

 "The second repeater on AO-51 will be activated on February 16 and reserved 
only for contacts with the K5D Desecheo Island 2009 DXpedition while the 
satellite is within range of the island."
"(QSOs with KP5 only in sight of Desecheo, QRP use only everywhere else)"

> Not really sure how you are going to ensure that no-one uses this mode as 
> how many users to the South of us are AMSAT members or read the AMSAT 
> website pages! Once the bird reaches into the US, listeners are going to 
> hear activity and think its ok to proceed as normal!

The stations to the south have been much better at abiding by the situation 
than most of the US stations. We have an abundance of members from South and 
Central America, and most of them read the -bb and webpage for their 
information same as you or I. I'm not worried about them, since they can 
work the DXpedition with the US outside of the footprint on any given pass. 
You are right that if enough people hear business as "normal" at AOS, others 
will behave the same.

I'm appealing to the professionalism and espirit de corps of this group to 
please restrain themselves for now, so when they do show up we can all work 
them peacefully and efficiently. I have a fair amount of time and sweat 
equity tied up in making this work for everyone else's benefit.

73, Drew KO4MA 

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