[amsat-bb] Re: Experience with AO-51 145.880 MHz uplink

Harry Strahlendorf P47Harry at comcast.net
Tue Feb 17 13:43:01 PST 2009

Dear Ib,


I hate to be a "party-pooper," but my understanding is that the 2nd repeater
operating on AO-51 is reserved only for the K5D Desecheo Island Operation.
Someone correct me if this is not the case.  


>From the main page of the AMSAT.org website, I read, "The second repeater on
AO-51 will be activated on February 16 and reserved only for contacts with
the K5D Desecheo Island 2009 DXpedition <http://www.kp5.us/>  while the
satellite is within range of the island." 


I've experienced some of the issues you raise when attempting to work AO-51
from the East Coast of the USA when operating V/U.  We all need to be
patient and respect one another's use of the satellite.  So many of us just
want to make that contact, and perhaps we are a bit hasty in pressing that
transmit button when others are still in QSO.  It is a thrill to know that
we can communicate in this manner.


Good luck with your operating through the birds!


Sincerely, 73

Harry ~ KC2OJN


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