[amsat-bb] Omid - Did you Receive It?

Bob Christy rdc at zarya.info
Fri Feb 13 00:56:29 PST 2009

I am compiling a log of Omid radio observations.

It operated in two regimes:
1 - between Feb 3 and Feb 8 transmissions were limited to passes going 
over the Middle East but it was heard as far afield as Western Europe 
and South Africa
2 - between Feb 8 and Feb 10 it transmitted continuously but it now 
seems to be silent.

If you have any observations, I would appreciate receiving them. The 
date, time, transmission mode and your location will be sufficient.

If it is of help - there are descriptions of three transmission modes, 
and a direct contact e-mail address for me if you wish to use it. 
Eventually I will include a summary of all observations on the web site:

Thank You
Bob Christy

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