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Dirgantara YFØEEE enggi1401 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 15:00:54 PST 2009

hi Bob WB4APR

try to reach you via direct email and always bounce back to me.
btw for sepcial request are u direct to Kantronics HQ or via dealers, I try
to email kantronics and still waiting not get answer for special request, I
need some request like you inside kantronics KPC9612+.

73 de YF0EEE

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> > just checking in website NO-44 use
> > KPC9612, it that any modification in
> > KPC9612 ? space requirment request ?
> > or just KPC9612 standart put in Satelite ?
> 8 years ago, it was special code, becuse we had to ask Kantronics to add
the TELEMETRY command.  The KPC-3+ has always had the telemetry command, so
we asked them to add TELEMETRY to the 9612+.
> By now, maybe the KPC-9612+ standard models also have TELEMETRY command?
> The only other special request, was to have our DEFAULTS all burned into
factory ROM.  Such as CALLSIGN, TELEMETRY, DIGI OFF, etc...  THey did this
for only a few hundred dollars.
> We were very happy with the result.  But Kantronics had reduced its
engineering staff, and it might not be as easy to get custom features now.
> I can send you our default settings if they are not on our web page
> Bob, Wb4APR
> >thanks
> >73 de YF0EEE
> >
> >
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