[amsat-bb] Re: SATPC32 and Rigexpert

Erich Eichmann erich.eichmann at t-online.de
Mon Feb 9 23:53:40 PST 2009

I suppose you didn't install the additional line between the radio's ACC
jacket and the CTS pin of the COM port? Without that line the program will
not steer the frequencies of the IC-706MKIIG. Please read the detailed
instructions in the "Readme(Icom).txt" file. The file can be opened from the
SatPC32 menu "?", "Hints[Radio] for ....Icom users".  It is contained in the
sub folder "Icom" in the SatPC32 program folder. There you will also find a
schematic of that line.

With the Icom semi duplex radios (when used as a single radio for satellite
operation) the program must not change frequencies while the radio is in TX
mode. Otherwise frequency errors will occur (VFO A and B will swap their
frequencies). Unfortunately the IC-706MKIIG doesn't provide a CAT command to
check the radio's PTT status via the software (the newer IC-7000 does).
Therefore the program checks the voltage at pin 7 of the ACC jacket. The
voltage at that pin is appr. 3 - 4 V during RX mode and drops to 0 during TX
mode. The program outputs frequency commands to the radio only if the CTS
pin of the COM port has been pulled up by that voltage.

BTW: The same problem occurs with the IC-910H in non-satellite mode with
SatPC32ISS.  The IC-910H allows to check the PTT status via the software,
however.  Therefore I have recently uploaded a patch file on my website that
makes the additional line unnecesary with SatPC32ISS and the IC-910H.  I
will soon upload also a patch file for the IC-7000.

73s, Erich, DK1TB

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Subject: [amsat-bb] SATPC32 and Rigexpert

> Hi All,
> I downloaded SATPC32 and installed. I cannot get it to see my 706mkiig
> or at least it does snot seems to want to control
> it. I am using a Rigexpert plus for an interface. It works great with
> all other programs and radios using the CAT control features.
> I have tried a few different baud rates and settings but no joy.
> Would it be possible anyone is using this type of interface with this
> type rig?
> This looks like it is the only program that will control this half
> duplex radio on both VFOs at once.
> Thanks
> Joe
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