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Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Sun Feb 8 05:29:50 PST 2009

Andrew, Congratulations on your successful 4 years of being 'hammy' !!
Congrats on your calendar and especially your satellite accomplishments.
That bike looks really sharp - I'm sure you are already working on plans
for your car... Over the years you will probably spend more on your car
than on radios - although you have a good collection started already.

> I always use the criteria "Can a 15 year old afford it?" :-)

I still use that criteria sometimes, but just as importantly you might
also ask "Can I afford to NOT do it?" ... I know money is powerful,
but the educational benefits towards your understanding of technology
will usually repay with interest at some point in the future.

Building a downconverter kit, or 'adjusting' an old CalAmp MMDS converter
will provide experience that can last a lifetime - and not break the bank.
Keep up the good work, listen towards the horizon - maybe we can catch a
mutual window on a satellite someday. Please feel free to visit my links
below, hopefully you will find some useful/helpful info there.

   73 for now   /;^)
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