[amsat-bb] HEO and future of AMSAT

Greg Wycoff gregwycoff at me.com
Sat Feb 7 06:32:07 PST 2009

HEO, the question is not can we do it, the question is how do we get there, and are we willing to do what it takes to get there?

first of all, all AMSAT organization's must focus on one project and one project only, that way you have all of your top builders and designers working on the same project, and most importantly is the fund raising, funds can grow more rapidly as one project.

I personally believe you must build the satellite first before you go looking for a ride. that way you don't get bumped from a ride if you don't have the satellite completed, and then it becomes more difficult for the next available ride.

Its time "AMSAT" becomes one, not one of many AMSATs, as you look at business in todays world many are merging together as one just to survive, all AMSATs must do the same, and the ones who don't want to come together as one, must drop the "AMSAT" title.

Has AMSAT-NA given any thought to donating the money they have raised for project eagle to AMSAT-DL to help with the launch cost of their HEO that seems to be already built and waiting for a ride?

Greg N0ZHE

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