[amsat-bb] Re: The future of AMSAT is NOW . . .

Jack K. kd1pe.1 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 20:46:36 PST 2009

> Michael said:
>> I usually tend to keep quiet during arguements such as this . . .
> But - this is not an argument .?.  Hardly even a debate on specific 
> points.
> What is happening here is genuine concern for our future, and well 
> founded.
> Not only is AMSAT and ham radio facing uncertain times, the entire fabric
> of modern culture seems wobbling around like it may ALL come tumbling 
> down.
> Stimulus, bailouts, layoffs, foreclosures - everything is connected to 
> most
> everything else - always has been, always will be.    So much of all this
> churn has been brewing for years, but no one really wanted to acknowlege,
> or take the gumption to creatively start solving the problems.

I am sorry that my original input to this BB has engendered this expanded 
and extensive defense of LEO's and/or explanation of why there are no HEO's 
today... I have read of people expounding on when they were licensed, big 
deal I have been licensed for longer than most of you going back to 1964... 
I have read of how great things are and we should be thankful for what we 
have. I have also received a couple private emails suggesting my original 
comments were out of line. Well this sort of elitist thinking is pure bull, 
The sats are not for the select few who think they own them, the sats are 
not for controllers who seem to take an inordinate amount of time to turn 
them over to the ham community for general use. They are simply a device in 
the ham community for use by those who have the means to do so. Perhaps 
putting up a HEO on Microwave frequencies is a good idea, certainly it would 
spur the manufacturers to come up with equipment for all to use, after all 
you are only dollars away... What I am sorry to see is the lack of concern 
or is it the lack of desire to put up a HEO that works (Read the Wikipedia 
story on AO-40) something simple, something robust, something with not a 
single whistle or bell that WORKS!!!... It seems to me that the real story 
is that AMSAT is gun-shy after AO-40 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AO-40) 
and is taking the easy or safe way out... My money is not on and never will 
be on LEO's or Sats that the common person can not make the antennas for and 
purchase the radios to use...

As I said I apologize for the defense mechanism that sprung to AMSATS 
defense and the private emails I received, I thought this was an open BB and 
ideas were freely discussed. Apparently I was wrong.


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