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Art McBride kc6uqh at cox.net
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If you know what a 6AQ5 is you are in my age group. We are the ones that
remember $3.00 phone calls and $0.25 a gallon gasoline. My present keyboard
doesn't have a cent key. 
The youth of today are multi-tasking operators of electronic toys for their
self amusement. It is easier to reach the moon than to have them grasp the
concept of Amateur Radio. They are not interested in the how and the why of
the toys they play with and the electronic skills that we have learned will
go with us. 
China and Taiwan are now the center of the electronics hardware industry.
The technology came from US Government research for our Military. No new
technology is in the pipe line for the next leap forward. 
The reasons we have for being Amateur Radio Operators are ours, we must find
a way to seed Amateur Radio into the minds of today's youth or lose Amateur
Radio tomorrow. 

The top of the hour glass is not full!

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