[amsat-bb] Re: HEO naivete

Dee morsesat at optonline.net
Sat Feb 7 07:26:04 PST 2009

Hi all,
I have followed this thread and "we" seem to have the same scenario in 
common.  We were spoiled with
the HEO birds of the past.  The LEO birds are fun and have their place 
and fill a void we feel.  Others enjoy LEO's
just fine and they are certainly entertaining to the Ham community in 
themselves.  I don't believe that AMSAT has
abandoned any thought and engineering towards an HEO or MEO bird.  We 
have inherited the present
monetary and financial situations in assembly and "launching" of  future 
   If you read past editorials about our future, it might seem grim, 
however, the talks that are behind the scenes and
agreements that are being hammered out could lead to a fruitful 
experience for AMSAT.   Reading these posts, beginning
with W7LRD, it sure is positive that he feels the way most of us do that 
on a continuing basis in supporting AMSAT
providing a presence in the Amateur Radio Community as the catalyst for 
providing satellites to be launched as
opportunities arise.  This is not something to be taken lightly.  ITAR 
has restricted us inconveniently in the Ham
community since hams have always shared thoughts on construction 
techniques and designs in radios since
Ham frequencies have stirred with QSO's.
  I have attended many Symposiums and had discussions with all the major 
players and they need us to support them
with both financial and volunteer efforts to let them know what 
directions we want them to take with this organization.
Somehow, if you remember, we forget this VOLUNTEER organization (one 
paid staff,  Martha) has provided  this
hobby with many years of  satellite activity & adventures.  It has only 
happened with excited members doing all
sorts of things to assist with assembling and funding satellites.
   The thoughts jotted down by these threads, again, seem to ring 
familiar with our group.  Those that have volunteered
recently and in the past, need to keep hamsats alive by representing our 
thoughts as we are presently doing and realize the
hierarchy of AMSAT "IS" listening and hears us as efforts in the 
directions we want it to go are alive and well.
Dee, NB2F
AMSAT Co-ordinator (NJ)
Please renew your membership, have your club join, or send in your 
membership application now!


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