[amsat-bb] Re: HEO naivete

Mike and Paula Herr herr at ridgenet.net
Sat Feb 7 06:12:35 PST 2009

     You are 100% right! After reading the latest AMSAT Journal, I have 
absolutely no idea where AMSAT is going! Frankly, it appears to be 
chaos. I have donated and was on the verge of more donations as well as 
signing up for Life Member, but I have held back, waiting to see if 
AMSAT will even survive. I have volunteered, 3 times, and never have 
even gotten a courtesy response. Experience? I worked in the aerospace 
industry and have equipment flying on the Shuttle every flight and am 
involved with CEV. Frustrated? you bet!
See you on AO-7 and VO-52.

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