[amsat-bb] WSR-036 Weekly Satellite Report and other credibility issues

G0MRF@aol.com G0MRF at aol.com
Sat Feb 7 05:24:24 PST 2009

Just received my weekly update on the satellite scene.
Read through and found.
1) A number of satellites proposed for launch that were in fact launched  
last month.
2) Eagle : Proposed  for launch 2009
3) P3E:  Proposed for launch late 2008
4) Delfi C3  listing "proposed frequencies"   when in fact  it's been in 
space for nearly a year.
No doubt there are other errors but I gave up reading.
Clearly there is a lot of copy and pasting going on here with no serious  
updating at all.
I know  it is really important that information for the report comes  from 
the mission controllers, but somewhere along the line a little common sense  
editing is appropriate if any degree of credibility is to be given to this  

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