[amsat-bb] ISS Packet Question

Harry Strahlendorf P47Harry at comcast.net
Fri Feb 6 04:03:25 PST 2009

Hi Gang,


Does anyone know why the Unproto Path seems to change from day to day?  Last
Friday evening it was "RS0ISS-3."  Then a few days later it was "RS0ISS-4."
I have been advised to simply enter "ARISS" in my D-700 path statement and I
should be okay, but I have not made an APRS contact since doing so.  My
inquisitive nature needs an answer as to why the Path keeps changing.  Could
I enter all the above path statements to be certain?  Any and all info will
be greatly appreciated.  


I monitored 145.825 MHz on a few passes over the eastern USA yesterday and
did not hear any packet data.  Also attempted to call NA1SS on
145.800/144.490, hoping that perhaps Mike was off duty and enjoying a few
QSO's.  Nothing heard.  Is there any one website where we can get up-to-the
minute news and info, or must I just go with trial and error attempts and
hope to get lucky with making a voice contact?  I was able to confirm a
couple of contacts during the 25th Anniversary event, but want more and


Sincerely & 73,

Harry ~ KC2OJN

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