[amsat-bb] New Alinco DJ-G7 HT questions?

davidmkelly@gmail.com davidmkelly at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 13:20:36 PST 2009

I had Google translate the webpage about the forthcoming Alinco DJ-G7 and  
am still left with a few questions.

• Since the modes are F1D/F2D/F3E am I safe to assume it doesn't receive  
SSB or CW? They almost made the perfect HT!
• The 1200 MHz frequency output is 1 watt. Is this sufficient with a hand  
held Yagi to work AO-51? The EIRP math doesn't look good to my thinking.
• So they show it at Dayton and given past timelines when would it be  
available for sale?
• The translations says nothing about packet operations that I can see.  
Does anyone have any thoughts on this aspect of the new HT?
Given the right answers this could be as the Google Translation of the  
Alinco website says "This is the handy machine, I want!"


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