[amsat-bb] Cubesat CX??

jlv jlv at fing.edu.uy
Tue Feb 3 09:06:51 PST 2009

Hello to all,   
We are an university of Uruguay without many economic resources, but we have a great potential human and big desires that to build a cubesat with our students of the career of electric engineering.  
We are following the steps toward the learning on this topic but we need some help.  

Until here we have arrived in a year of work:





We have tried to achieve the help of some people had involved for many years in projects with satellites but them they don't have the time to look toward an university with low resources that she cannot pay for their services.  
Do you know some person that has the time and the enough generosity to help us in our project?  
Thanks to all in advance for the help that you can give.

CX2AN, Jose Luis Vila

Departamento de Tecnologia Aeroespacial
Instituto de Ingenieria Electrica
Facultad de Ingenieria
Universidad de la Republica

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