[amsat-bb] FT-736 tuning dial problem ? Any ideas ?

Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Sun Feb 1 16:08:15 PST 2009

Strangest thing. I've been using my FT-736 since 1989 - trouble free.
There is a dimmer or noisy connection somewhere in the house that sometimes
give me fits, splattering all over the 2m band. Well this evening it was
S9+ and I could barely copy ISS. After the pass I'm spinning up and down
the band in USB hoping to find a freq with the most noise, and the dial
starts to drag. Only slightly at first, but over a 5 min period it got
worse and worse, to where it was actually squeaking some. Then I could
no longer use the spinner, and it was getting hard to turn. Now I have to
use several fingers grip, and it squeaks a lot. The freq does change with
rotation, but now I have stopped messing with, as it is nearly too tight
to turn !!!    Has my 20 yr power-train warranty just expired ?
What a difference 10 minutes can make. Tell me this isn't happening !.!

Surely someone has had experience with the tuning shaft in this rig, and
can offer some guidance as to what might be going on. I'm gonna remove
the top and bottom, so as to un-hinge the front, but I doubt I can see
anything obvious. But I'm gonna look. Suggestions are welcome, except
the ones like  "It's gone bad - just send it to me - buy a new radio..."

  Thanks  /;^)
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