[amsat-bb] APRSWEST.net

Robert Smith dukenuke at pixi.com
Thu Dec 31 00:16:44 PST 2009


Does anybody know of any problems with 
APRSWEST.net? For several days when 
trying to logon via UIVIEW I have timed 
out repeatedly. Oddly, even clicking on their
website (on another computer), the connection
does not occur?  I have checked some
other servers in UIVIEW with no results. 

For the moment anyway, my Satgate is 
non-functional and there are no other Satgates
currently operating in Hawaii that I am aware of. 
Typically, my problems are self induced hihi,
but I thought I would just check around.

I have made no configuration changes that I
am aware of. 

Comments welcome. Mahalo.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all; 73

de NH7WN 
robert in Honolulu

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