[amsat-bb] New To Satellites

Rupert Hamblin rupert.hamblin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 10:09:33 PST 2009

Hi All,

I've had a good look round the forums and on the net generally, I'm 
coming into satellites as a newcomer, having spent
my past 15 ham years on HF/6M CW/DIGI modes. (with a bit of DSTAR 

So a few questions I hope you can answer and update me....

i) Generally what power levels are needed to access the birds...?

ii) Antenna's - I've read a lot about the arrow antenna - how good is 
this antenna would you recommend for a new comer ?

iii) HT or Base Transceiver - How realistic is working satellites on an 
HT with 5W ? & is base transceiver preferred ?

iv) Following on from the above - I've read about the FT-2000 or FT-847 
which would be better suited to satellites or another rig ?

v) Obviously a rotator / elevator with a beam(s) will give a better 
performance, but what sort of performance could I expect out of an arrow 
on a tripod with an HT & 5W ?

vi) On the HT subject - is it necessary to use 2 HT (one TX / one RX) or 
will just one do ?

vii) ....and finally...some have mentioned that not all the sats listed 
on the AMSAT page are live - where can I get the most upto date list of 
satellites that are active & their frequencies / modes..?

Thats it for now - hope you can help...chances are I may have some more 
questions soon.....



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