[amsat-bb] Re: back on the birds after 15-year absence - want tips on antenna system

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Tue Dec 29 06:49:59 PST 2009

Nice, informative response Drew...I'm keeping this one on the wall!


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> Welcome back! I'll try to answer what I can.
> > Questions:
> >
> > (1)  RHCP for the V and U Yagis?  Any reason to have switchable
> >
> Some LEOs have different circularities for different transmitters. For
> example, AO-51 has both LHCP and RHCP on 70cm. The sense can also change
> during a pass depending on spacecraft orientation and squint. Switchable
> polarity is well worth it in my opinion.
> > (3)  Will next gen ham satellites have S-Band downlinks?
> >
> Yes, and AO-51 has an S downlink now, usually about 1 week a month. P3E
> and others will have S.
> > (4)  Will next gen ham satellites have L-Band uplinks and/or downlinks?
> >
> Yes, and AO-51 and CO-65 use L now also. Kiwisat and P3E will have L also.
> > (6)  Are these the satellites currently available for 2-way QSOs?  AO-7,
AO-27, AO-51, SO-67 & HO-68.  Did I miss any?
> >
> Off the top of my head, add ISS, SO-50, VO-52, FO-29 (due to return
> soon), NO-44 sometimes, CO-65 for a real digital challenge. Lots of
> one-way cubesats that can be fun too.
> > (7)  Any pattern to when AO-7 is in Mode A and Mode B?
> >
> Right now the satellite is in 24/7 illumination, and the onboard timer
> switches modes every 24 hours or thereabouts. Check
> http://oscar.dcarr.org/ as a quick way to figure out which one is on
> right now. When it returns to eclipses, it generally favors B and only
> works while illuminated.
> I hope that helps. Joining AMSAT if you're not already a member is a
> good way to support the program, and there is always something
> interesting in the AMSAT Journal. There are several active ops in your
> immediate area, including a BOD member; they may chime in. See ya on the
> air soon.
> 73, Drew KO4MA
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