[amsat-bb] Re: AO-51 mode change and recommendation

OZ1MY oz1my at privat.dk
Tue Dec 29 05:54:32 PST 2009

Hi Alex and Mateusz,
As you write it behaves strange ?
At the pass with AOS here in Copenhagen at 1318 UTC
it seems like some stations are using very HIGH power and
that may be the problem.I could hear Mateusz and UA9UIZ
- but as you said the audio was very low.

Another thing I experienced was a complete cut of of the
downlink ??
I thought it was local QRM at first - but may be it was the
Did you hear the same ??

Last time it was in this mode it worked OK.
73 OZ1MY
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> > Attempted to use this mode on 2 passes but was not successful.
> > Several   stations   tried   to  work on the first pass over Australia
> > (07:51 UTC 29 Dec) but audio was very weak and there was a lot of
> > interference on the signal.
> > Some  stations had difficulty netting onto frequency, probably because
> > they could not hear themselves clearly.
> > On the second pass I could hear no other stations attempting to access
> > and  while  the  downlink  signal  was strong there were all manner of
> > noises  present and only once or twice could I actually hear my voice
> > among the noises.
> > I'm  sure  that  last time AO-51 was in this mode it worked reasonably
> > well.
> > Will be interested to hear reports from other continents to see if the
> > interference was specific to this region.
> >
> > 73
> > Alex / VK5ALX
> Hallo
> I tried at today morning and at the noon.
> At the morning i heard SQ1 station but I did not finish qso.
> At the noon I was copied by UA9UIZ and OZ1MY but I am not sure raport from
> Ib (57 I can hear on record) and locator given by UA9UIZ is not NO46 but
> NV46 (distortion?).
> Signal is realy week from USB/FM transponder probably due to latest
> torque experiment and changed antenna orientation on norhern hemisphere.
> sounds like fraction of one watt, not like almost 2W transmitter.
> Here is a record (cut, too much noise):
> http://www.enduro.idl.pl/audio_sat/ao51_ssb_fm.mp3 and sorry for too low
> quality of sound.
> Signal is low (I know, 53 is a little too optimistic) but I did it :)
> Matt SQ7DQX
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