[amsat-bb] Re: AO-51 mode change and recommendation

Mateusz sq7dqx at poczta.onet.pl
Tue Dec 29 04:08:06 PST 2009

> Attempted to use this mode on 2 passes but was not successful.
> Several   stations   tried   to  work on the first pass over Australia
> (07:51 UTC 29 Dec) but audio was very weak and there was a lot of
> interference on the signal.
> Some  stations had difficulty netting onto frequency, probably because
> they could not hear themselves clearly.
> On the second pass I could hear no other stations attempting to access
> and  while  the  downlink  signal  was strong there were all manner of
> noises  present and only once or twice could I actually hear my voice
> among the noises.
> I'm  sure  that  last time AO-51 was in this mode it worked reasonably
> well.
> Will be interested to hear reports from other continents to see if the
> interference was specific to this region.
> 73
> Alex / VK5ALX


I tried at today morning and at the noon.
At the morning i heard SQ1 station but I did not finish qso.
At the noon I was copied by UA9UIZ and OZ1MY but I am not sure raport from 
Ib (57 I can hear on record) and locator given by UA9UIZ is not NO46 but 
NV46 (distortion?).
Signal is realy week from USB/FM transponder probably due to latest magnetic 
torque experiment and changed antenna orientation on norhern hemisphere. It 
sounds like fraction of one watt, not like almost 2W transmitter.

Here is a record (cut, too much noise):

http://www.enduro.idl.pl/audio_sat/ao51_ssb_fm.mp3 and sorry for too low 
quality of sound.

Signal is low (I know, 53 is a little too optimistic) but I did it :)

Matt SQ7DQX 

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