[amsat-bb] HO-68

Dale Hershberger daleh at alaska.net
Mon Dec 28 17:06:37 PST 2009

I am having a difficult time to access HO-68.  I have it in my tracking 
programs along with
SO-67.  The problem is that the listed times for HO-68 and the scheduled 
times as posted
for times do not seem to work for me. SO-67 works for me and I have 
accessed it ok
but have I yet to be successful in getting into HO-68.  I know it is a 
dumb thing I am overlooking
and will kick my self when I get it right.  I had some good passes 
according to SatPC32
and NOVA but all I hear is silence... I have checked for the mode, FM 
and Linear.
I have the tone set but I know there is something I am overlooking.  Any 
help is
greatly appreciated....Had a busy Holiday weekend.   And want to thank
our China AMSAT friends for what sounds like a very good new Satellite.

Thank you  to Alan Kung, BA1DU and friends for this very nice Christmas 

Dale/ KL7XJ

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