[amsat-bb] SO-67 27 December 2009 1619 UTC audio

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sun Dec 27 12:56:57 PST 2009


The 1619 UTC SO-67 pass was a nice one covering virtually all of
the continental USA and most of Mexico as the satellite moved
southbound.  I was operating from DM43iu, about 60 miles/100km 
northeast of Phoenix, where the satellite was up to a maximum 
elevation of 53 degrees.  Stations were heard from Oregon to South
Carolina, and as far south as central Mexico.  You can hear my
audio recording at:


(look for the MP3 with the filename starting with 20091227)

This was the first SO-67 pass I worked in over a month.  It seems
like most have compensated for this satellite's unique 
characteristics.  Waiting for the carrier to drop, even for the
briefest of moments, makes a big difference.  If you don't wait
for the carrier to drop, a quick unkey of the mic and then keying
the mic again also works - as long as you are working full-duplex. 
Thanks again to AMSAT SA for the satellite and the generous 
scheduling over the last few days.   

Near the end of that pass, Uriel XE2VAS was briefly heard from 
grid DM40 approximately 40 miles/60km south of Nogales AZ in 
northern Mexico.  Uriel *may* be operating from DM40 over the 
next few days, FM satellites only, for those who may need/want
a QSO for that grid.  If you work XE2VAS, whether from his home
grid DM41 at the USA/Mexico border or from DM40, you may send
your QSL requests with SASE to my PO box.  



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