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Hi Erich,

Many thanks for the reply and I must admit that not only the software is
excellent but also the support given by the yourself is excellent.

I am also glad to say that I have managed to solved point 1, 2 and 3 as
below with your help.  However, I have 2 more questions that once resolved
should help me migrate the tracking software away from WISP.

1. Is it possible that WISAT32 run a program (.bat file) before AOS and LOS
like what WISP can perform?  The main use for this is because, for
unattended operation, I need to run a batch (.bat) file to power on the
station, and then after the pass, run another batch file to power off the
station.  Of course, this can be done in WISP since I still need to run it
in parallel for the PACSATs, but I thought it would be a better idea to
move everything to WISAT32 and keep WISP solely for the PACSAT PB/PG use.

2. Can SATPC32 work with IC-PCR2500 yet?  As I do not see this model in the
list of radios listed.  Would be good if this is supported, as this is a
good radio for me to use on the APT weather satellites and for receiving
38k4 data.

Another separate question that I would like to ask is regarding dual
frequency receive.  I see that SATPC32 has already support for 2 radios. 
Take for example the HO-68 satellite that has 2 simultaneous downlinks. 
One is the CW telemetry/beacon which is always on and the other is perhaps
the FM transponder downlink.  

It will be good if we are able to track the doppler for FM transponder
uplink & downlink on radio 1 and the CW telemetry/beacon downlink on radio
2 simultaneously.  Is this something that SATPC32/WISAT32 supports or plan
to support in the future?  I tried looking this up in the manual, but could
not find this.  Maybe perhaps I did not look far enough.

Once again, thank you Erich for the excellent software and help.  Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010 to you and your family.

Sion Chow Q. C.,

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Hello Sion Chow,
you can use Wisat32 parallel with Wisp32 (the "Wi" stands for Wisp, because 
the program was thought to be used with Wisp). The Wisp rotor and radio 
driver RR.dll doesn't work on NT based system (XP, Vista). So, you can use 
Wisp32 for data traffic and Wisat32  for rotor and CAT control.

1 + 2. Wisat can automatically switch to a particular satellite (when it 
rises) parallel with Wisp32. That requires an entry in the aux. file 
Prior.SQF with the same priority order the satellite has in GSC.  The
Wisat32 control "A" ("A" for Automatic Satellite change) must be switched
"A+". In menu "Options" this setting can be set as start option.

The file Prior.SQF itself contains instructions what happens when 2 
satellites with priority are audible at the same time.

3. With FM sats the 5 frequency controls are disabled, because FM sats work 
in fix channels. Nevertheless you can enable them manually by clicking 
control "V" to "V+".  When you witch to an SSB/CW sat the 5 controls will 
automatically be enabled.

Wisat takes over the radio and rotor settings from SatPC32 (Configr. #1)
it takes the data from the same data files (Doppler.SQF, Prior.SQF).  So, 
these settings must be done in SatPC32.

Wisat32  doesn't support semi duplex radios.

For more instructions read the FAQs file on my Website, English page 
"Downloads" ("How to configure SatPC32 for a new Satellite") with a
by W9AE.

73s, Erich, DK1TB

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Dear All,

After being very happy with SATPC32's results both for satellite tracking
in my home station and during ARISS sessions, I have started exploring
WISAT32 that is included in the SATPC32 package.

Basically, what I am looking for is to have WISAT32 replace WISP that I
have been using as my primary tracking software for the past few years.
However, in WISAT32, I encounter a few problems that I hope someone could
lead me to a solution:

1. I have loaded a list of satellites in WISAT32 (similar to how you do it
in WISP).  How do I get WISAT32 to start tracking the satellite
automatically (rotor and CAT control) as soon as a particular satellite
comes above the horizon?  Under "Options", I have enabled "Auto Select" but
the tracking still does not start unless I click on the satellite.

2. Also is it possible to set priority (like in WISP) as to which satellite
to track, in case 2 satellites comes in at the same time?

3. It seems that the manual frequency control buttons has been disabled
(200, 100, 500, 1k, 5k) as compared to SATPC32 main program.  Is there a
way to enable this back, as it is useful for some frequency "trimming" at

Appreciate if someone could kindly help me with the above issues, which I
believe is really a minor one that I am not aware of.

Thank you.

Sion Chow Q. C.,

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