[amsat-bb] AO-51 and AO-7 status

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Tue Dec 22 17:41:48 PST 2009

AO-51 is almost back to normal. The normal repeater is running at 400mw, 
and the telemetry downlink at 620mw. After everything is reloaded and 
double checked, we'll shift the majority of power over to the repeater 
and turn the L uplink for the PBBS back on. Thank you to those who sent 
reports and telemetry over the last few days; it was helpful. Please 
understand if we don't get a chance to answer and thank you all 

I also had a discussion with the primary AO-7 command station this 
evening, and he will begin to investigate what has happened to AO-7. 
There is a possibility that it simply glitched into another mode and is 
stuck there until it is commanded back, or until eclipses return. AO-7 
is still solidly in continuous illumination at present. Be prepared, 
there may be much less palatable scenarios as well. This satellite is 35 
years old, one of the oldest functional satellites anywhere, and to say 
we have had her on borrowed time is an understatement. Please post all 
observations of activity on the downlinks to amsat-bb; we really only 
need to know if you did hear it. Check 435.100 along with the 
transponder downlinks and beacons.

Thanks and 73,
Drew KO4MA
AMSAT VP Operations

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