[amsat-bb] Re: Eagle & P3E status?

Bob McGwier rwmcgwier at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 11:56:41 PST 2009

The front cover of the latest AMSAT-DL Journal shows the internally 
nearly complete P3e.  It is truly an international debacle that this 
continues to sit in storage in Marburg when there is a plethora of 
launch capacity around the world to put this thing up.

We need a low friend in a high place more than ever in our history.


John B. Stephensen wrote:
> There in no launch date for either. There are no more inexpensive launches 
> available from ESA so the AMSATs are trying to get non-amateur funding to 
> pay for HEO launches. Assume LEO satellites for the next few years as launch 
> costs are much lower. CAMSAT just launched one, AMSAT-NA plans on launching 
> two and there are others in the works.
> 73
> John

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