[amsat-bb] wisp32, ic-821h and kct/t setup ??

Bruce R Brown willmarbrowns at q.com
Tue Dec 22 10:40:47 PST 2009

It's been a long time since i needed help with Wisp setup.
I am trying to setup wisp to work with the icom 821h.
I am using the Kansas City tracker and tuner. The tracker part works ok..the tuner does not.
The radio is set at 1200baud and address is 4ch.
The kct/t is set for ttl output on port A.
In the station setup under rotators:
radio is ic821
port is A set for 1200,8,n,1
bands are set...rx 144 430...tx 144 430
I did not calibrate the rotors
clicked ok
exit station setup
using ao-51 9k6 at 435.150 for satellite
click on run this pass...screen comes up tnc blinks 3 times,it's good to go...antennas track ok.
frequencies do not change on the radio.
read the rr.ini file and radio is in sat mode before wisp is run.

Do you have to run "calibrate rotors" in the station setup/rotators box?
Do you have te edit the rr.ini file?

Any suggestions or help appreciated as always

Bruce R Brown   ke0lx

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