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Jeff KB2M kb2m at comcast.net
Mon Dec 21 15:50:03 PST 2009

 5 years ago or so when I used to travel for work 3 weeks a month I ran a TS-2000 located at home remotely from whatever hotel room I was operating from. I would then run Skype from the hotel room also. I found out I could link the audio from the remote TS-2000 with Skype. I used to have a lot of fun working DX from my home station on Satellites, and HF. I had a 4L Steppir, rotor, and 2 wire antennas on HF, and my KLM's, with remote az/el rotor on the Sats.
 I found out I could allow my Skype contacts to work DX, using my home station, via my  hotel room connection. It was more fun for me to let someone else use my station supplying the tx audio, with me doing the PTT, then it was for me. You west coast guys would of loved this on A-07, to work into EU. Happy holidays to all....

73 Jeff kb2m

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This may  tickle some ones funny bone.  I was talking with Joe-K3SZH on AO-7, Joe was talking with Eric PA1TNO on Skype, I then was able to talk to Eric.  Is this valid for a QSL (kidding).  Eric and I are trying to have a (short) qso via AO-7 in the future.  We share about a 25 second window.  This was fun! 

73 Bob W7LRD 

Seattle, Wa.

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