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Luc Leblanc lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca
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On 20 Dec 2009 at 22:05, Sebastian wrote:

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> Luc (VE2DWE) has some magic in his antennas, as I consistently heard him pretty much all through the pass.
John K8YSE wrote:  It could have been that the BBS stops the voice
repeater but there were times that VE2DWE was making it (although
noisy) and my signal was not there at all.  Maybe the amount of
deviation on the tone makes a difference when there are a lot of
competing signals on the input.

As the bird sank low on the horizon on the way north, it was again
possible to get into it.  Normally there are not many who get
into any satellite that is in northern Canada.  Less congestion on
the input gives you a better chance.

> I heard Drew mention that perhaps due to the PL tone and the large number of stations trying to use the repeater, very few stations were able to make a QSO. 

Three problems: as with AO-51 the CTCSS tone is blocking a lot of station it was the same when ISS cross band repeater was on too. When XW-
1 was over central USA his footprint was covering nearly all the Northern continent including central america and the Carribean island with 
all the Northern satellite station in the same footprint it should be a challenge at the satellite receiver to have one station able to 
make it through that's the second one and for the third one the packet BBS also is competing at the receiver and i'm guessing at the 
transceiver too as i never heard the packet transmission over a phone transmission. Without any knowledge of the ways the transmitter is 
voting or who's got the priority first it is hard to tell if this packet turn over is not also a contributing factor as many of my 
transmissions where shut down to just get a packet burst afterwards?

I missed the linear transponder but i'm guessing it will be "The mode" on XW-1 as per what i heard from the recordings. 

It is a great sat and as i wrote a nice christmas gift with SO-67 as a suggestion the FM/BBS mode can be put in service in light traffic 
pass as it is permitting less traffic than the linear transponder, but it can be an alternance of both. Let see what the european pass will 
give as the whole europe will be in the same footprint!!!.

For the magic in my antennas there is none that i know but operating in full duplex is a big help as you can choose when to key the TX but 
as we cannot get a constant TX from the satellite we probably often transmit over each other Letting the receiver only activated by the 
carrier will at least make us hear through the capture effect and it will tell us when it's time to TX? It will not solved the tailgating 
problem but it will help.

P.S. There is also a trick on XW-1 as there was one on SO-67 i will have to check it again but he's not much nicer than the one i discover 
on SO-67 fighting against the 3 seconds timer... Just remember i wrote "fighting"!


Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE


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