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Jeff KB2M kb2m at comcast.net
Sun Dec 20 13:30:29 PST 2009

I kinda remembered having that problem myself Alan. I tried different sat
memory's one with PL and one without, but I still could only get a PL of 67.
I did a full reset, and that fixed the problem. I also forgot that I had a
copy of FTBasicMMO, so I stored all memories,  before I did the reset, then
restored. All is back to normal. So I don't know what happened as I'm using
the same memories. I just tested it with a sat memory in background that
contained a pl of 67, then with a non PL memory in background. Both ways let
me run SatPC32 with SO-67 with a pl of 233.6. I think you and me are the
only one's who have experienced this problem! Thanks for the sanity

73 Jeff kb2m

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Do you have a PL tone stored in the current satellite channel?  Some time
back, 2-3 years, I found that there seemed to be a conflict in programming
the PL frequency if one was stored in memory.  I switched to another
satellite channel without a PL tone stored, and the problem went away.  I
just let SATPC32 take care of it.  Easy enough to check, unless all your
satellite channels have tones stored.

Good luck,


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I just noticed that my FT-847 is having a problem with PL tones. There are a
few things happening...
 It seems to want to stay only in a PL of 67.0. When I try to operate on
SO-67 that has a PL of 233.6, I can't get into the bird, unless I tailgate.
As it seems to default to a PL of 67.0 I can work SO-50 no problem. I
checked all my cables, and also went to a different software control program
and it all points to a problem with my 847. After some testing with
different PL's, using another radio with TQSL set, it seems that when in
Satellite mode my 847 will only transmit a PL of 67. I've had my 847 I
bought new since 1997 and I never had a problem with This. When I look back
I can't  remember when I needed any other PL other then 67.0, except 74.4 to
open up SO-50, last time about 3 years ago. Before I try a full reset I
thought I would ask here, to make sure I'm not missing anything stupid...  

 73 Jeff kb2m

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